daVinci Script 1.4 for Windows 10


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daVinci Script consists of a set of Windows tools which allow you to automate your tasks on PC, mobile units and servers.
The tools carry out their tasks by reading and executing script code, i.e. a series of instructions, or ´commands´, stored in text files. The code follows a very simple but powerful syntax, more complex than the old DOS batch but simpler than VB Script. The main idea behind the command repertoire is that to have a set of powerful commands, capable to carry out even very complex tasks, and in that way to considerably reduce the complexity of the script code. The following groups of functions are available in the tools: User Interface (user input, info output, editor/monitor, debugger, logs and more) Text Processing (plain and formatted text, encryption) File and Folder Manipulation (info, copy, move, create, delete, process, filter, convert, rename, renumber, compress, encrypt, launch, Office macros, etc.) Internet Communication (HTTP, CGI, FTP, emails) Image Processing (load, save, convert, capture, crop, resize, copy, paste: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, ICO, TGA, PCX, EMF and WMF) Time Related Functions (get, set, measure & log, time arithmetic, wait, wakeup) Registry Manipulation (create, delete, read, modify, find, dump) Mobile Access (system info, file & folder info, file & folder manipulation, file transfer, Registry manipulation, CAB installation, launch, shortcuts, hardware buttons) System Information (owner info R/W, OS info, HW info, serial number etc.) Window Control (find, find child, activate, move, resize, click, string to, key to) Remote Control (from PC and mobile units control other PC, mobiles and servers) Program Flow (variables, user functions, conditional statements, loops, arithmetic, debug) Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista, Mobile 2002/2003/5/6, Server 2000/2003/2008